About US

Arad Energy Service Kish Co. Arad Energy Service Kish (AESK) As the earliest enterprise in Oil and gas and petrochemical industry in Iran, the company has become a trading company for supply general or specific items for Iranian companies acting in oil and gas and petrochemical fields

Our company is specialized in the supplying the Titanium、 Nickel and Zirconium materials and products, its core business is: compressors, bits, pumps, valves, fitting, reformer tubes, pipe primers, reactors, hydrogen recovery units, air separation, cold box, coil tubing, electric and electronic components, measuring equipments, non-ferrous metal materials, clad metal materials and etc. as per following details:

- Non-ferrous metal materials: titanium plates/tubes/ bars/wires/ mesh, nickel plates/ tubes/ bars/ wires zirconium plates/ tubes/ bars/ fasteners/ blades

- Explosive welded clad metal materials: Ti/steel clad plates, Ni/steel clad plates, Steel/steel clad plates, Zr/CS clad plates, Titanium copper clad bars and Al/SS clad plates.

- Titanium, nickel and zirconium pressure vessels: titanium reaction kettle, nickel reaction kettle, zirconium reaction kettle, tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc.